Co-operative Public School
(Affiliated To CBSE, New Delhi-Aff No. 930972)

(An undertaking of Thrissur Taluk Co - operative College Educational Society Ltd. No. R-728)
Co-operative Public school, Thrissur Co-Operative Public School
Ph : 0487 23 28 097
Co-operative Public school, Thrissur

Co-Operative Public School, Padukkad, viyyur ( Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi Aff: No. 930972) Within a short span of years since its inception, has become immensely popular. This upcoming public School is functioning under the management of the Thrissur Taluk Co-Operative College Educational Society Ltd No. R .728 Which is registered under the Co-Operative Societies act 1969.
The society is so well-known in Kerala for the noble services it has been rendering for the cause of higher education, Mostly through its Co-Operative arts and science college with its varied university courses of studies including post graduate degree courses with an overall enrolment of more than 4500 students.

Our Vision
We strongly believe that education is the realization of all the possibilities of human growth. Through education we aim to develop a child into a mature individual who is able to control his environment and fulfill his responsibilities. The core of our educational theory rests on the fact that each child is a unique one and as such the task of education is to cater to the individual needs. Each child is given an opportunity to unveil his hidden potential and to elevate to his\her best. We amalgamate our noble tradition and modern technology to impart education. We are moulding a generation empowered with knowledge and enlightened with wisdom

Our Mission
We are committed to the mission of giving the best education at the least cost. We strive hard to dispel the darkness of ignorance from this society. We consider education as a powerful weapon to fight against injustice and violence. We wage an unceasing fight against all low tendencies and false values. We implement education with a well-thought-out plan aimed at the upliftment and welfare of the society.

Our Motto

  1. Serve yourself and serve the society
  2. Help each other and grow together
  3. Peaceful co-existence and progress
  4. Learn to accept , appreciate and accommodate others
  5. Make bridges to bond with others
  6. Acclaim others and accomplish prosperity
  7. Act with compassion and courage
These maxims fuse like the seven colours of a rainbow in our souls and make us worthy citizens of our motherland

Our aim is striving for excellence ensuring holistic development of the educands through quality education in the medium of English, coupled with appropriate activities organized in the co-curricular sphere imblibing our rich culture. To help the children to develop their potential and equip them to meet the challenges of practical life is the ultimate objective.

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